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Review: AirBnb Kuala Lumpur

October 23, 2015

Ever get tired of staying in hotels? Are you looking for that little bit more?

We were when we arrived in Kuala Lumpur and decided to give Airbnb a go.
We have been told by so many people how great it is and how we should use it more, but we were reluctant to try as that safety net of TripAdvisor and the ease of it all was gone, or so we thought!

Whilst sifting through reviews on cheap places to stay I thought bugger it, let’s give it a shot. With ease I searched through many beautiful places to stay in KL, until I found TjintaKL@Bukit Bintang, once I clicked it I was in love, the luxury of it all, having your own private little condo all to yourself at an extremely affordable price! But still in the back of my head I had my concerns, I contacted Khairill the owner and he almost instantly wrote back. His quick reply and professionalism was a major tick in the first box, we continued to chat as Drew and I looked through the photos on the site. “Oh my gosh it has a pool too!” I exclaimed that’s it I was set. After a quick bit of research to see what the area was like we booked.
Khairill was great, he stayed in contact and answered all my quires.
When our bus arrived to Kuala Lumpur he said where it will drop us off is about a 10min walk to the Casa Residency, so when we jumped off the bus we did our best to find it. After almost 2.5 hours of walking all of Bukit Bintang and asking so many people (including two police officers and three taxi drivers) no one knew where this street was (cue Jess’s freak out) I started to panic, what if I just PayPal-ed someone for something that doesn’t exist! Drew just calmed me and said let’s keep walking, the desperation must have been written all over my face when a kind young woman offered her restaurants wi-fi so I could contact Khairill, after a quick Whatsapp phone call and a big sigh of relief he told us to jump in a cab and get taken back to where we started and he will come and pick us up. So I hailed the next cab, profusely thanked the waitress for her kindness and went back to where it all started.

As soon as we saw Khairill he made us feel welcomed and calm explaining that quite a few people do the same thing and that actually not many people know that street (there isn’t much up there).

When we got to Casa Residency, literally across the road and a 2min walk from where we began, we showed our passports to the guards who took our details and Khairill gave us the swipe card and showed us to our condo for the next few nights

IMG_5933Kuala Lumpur-3458

Oh my Buddha! It was more beautiful than the photos (which is always nice), second big tick.
We walked in a both couldn’t believe we were getting to stay somewhere so nice, with views over the city a fridge fully stocked and we were told to help ourselves to all in the apartment including the sodas in the fridge and the breakfast snacks.
Drew and I both looked at each other with a sigh of relief, we were here and it is beautiful!IMG_5934

TjintaKL@Bukit Bintang is a five-minute walk to a plethora of food stalls/ restaurants and markets. It is centrally located, next to Chinatown (Petaling Street), Bukit Bintang Golden Triangle and nearby places include Times Square (5 mins walk), Lot 10 & Starhill Gallery (7 mins walk), Pavilion (10 mins walk) etc.

We ate every night at Jalan Alor which had one million one options, it was fantastic!Kuala Lmpur-3575
Kuala Lmpur-3603

Kuala Lmpur-3599
Kuala Lumpur-3460IMG_5935Unfortunately as there was such a thick haze we didn’t do all that much exploring, only to find food and some shops to stock up on a few supplies we needed.untitled shoot-9903
The apartment is a great size, spotlessly clean and a beautiful waterfall showerhead in the bathroom.
The bed and pillows are soft and once you lay down you really don’t feel like getting up. Wifi is included in the price and is decently quick.
The pool is found on the 5th floor it is open until 10 pm, there is also and gym and sauna. The view looks over the light rail and probably much more (visibility was low from the haze)untitled shoot-9924untitled shoot-9926untitled shoot-9904untitled shoot-9915I couldn’t recommend staying here more! We didn’t want to leave our stay was so comfortable.
It was only 10$ AUD to get a taxi to the central station to catch the express train to the airport (make sure you use a metered taxi as others asked for a much higher rate) making TjintaKL@Bukit Bintang a fantastic place for a stopover.

Khairill has a few different apartments in Bukit Bintang, be sure to check them out!

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