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Getting a 60 Day Thai Tourist Visa in Singapore

October 7, 2015

Needing to get your 60 Day Thai Tourist visa? Have a stop over in Singapore? Don’t want to waste money on getting a taxi? Great! Keep on reading, we just went through the process and will give you our hassle-free (pretty much) guide to getting your visa.

Firstly I’d like to mention just how amazing Singapore’s public transport system is; trust me the MRT is your best friend and will save you mega dollars on taxi’s and your legs from walking!
We paid $30(SGD) per person for a three-day Singapore Tourist Unlimited Travel Pass this covers MRT, Bus & LRT; with a $10 refund on your card if you take it back when it expires, this made life so much easier whilst in Singapore allowing us to cheaply zip back and forth around the island.
With the MRT and a little walking, the Thai Embassy is very easily found.


Next thing I’ll mention is paperwork,

I had all of ours totally completed before we went, this makes the process a lot smoother and defiantly a lot quicker.
What you will need: (for Australian passport holders, for all other passport holders please check website just incase it is different)

1x Royal Thai Consulate Singapore paperwork filled in

1x Passport sized colour photo taken within the last 6 months.

1x $50.00 SGD

Your passport with room for another lovely full-page visa.

Now is the time I mention that if you have visited Thailand before and you have any visas in your passport from that trip be prepared to have to prove your point of entry and exit.

When I first read this I laughed, “you don’t need that” I said to Drew, we have never been asked to present paperwork like that before… unfortunately, things have changed a lot.
In 2014 Thailand tightened their borders and put their foot down on the whole idea of a “Visa Run” and so they should I suppose, I mean I can understand it all those people working illegally, living the Thai dream on tourist visas.

Unfortunately this is what lead us to having to get our visas done in Singapore, before we left I tried, and tried, and tried to contact both the Brisbane, QLD & Sydney, NSW Thai consulates where we got our visa for our last trip only to find out that they had both been closed down due to giving “fake” visas, anyway back to the point…

Have your flight/ bus/ train ticket ready and with you for your next destination (exit point, I personally don’t think it would matter if you don’t have an entry one, but that is just my opinion). If you don’t have one maybe purchase a cheap bus or train ticket that will get you by until you decide more on the finer details.
We scrambled the night before to book tickets; finally we found some flights through MakeMyTrip

Kuala Lumpur to Chiang Mai -$100 pp with AirAsia & our exit flight
Bangkok – Kolkata – $126 pp with Indigo Air.

I have also been told they can request your next visa but in our case – as with most of yours I would assume is that it would be too soon and it would expire, luckily she didn’t ask for that but she did want our flights, we handed them over and she continued to go over our passports with a fine-toothed comb, checking every page and every stamp, this was the point I took a deep breath and thought of how glad I was that we booked those flights!

How to get there via MRT:

Okay, so from wherever you are staying in the city you need to get yourself to Orchard station, we stayed in Little India and had the choice of two MRT stations: Little India or Farrer Park, from either one you will need to interchange lines at Dhoby Ghaut station (from Purple line to Red) don’t worry about rushing this process, especially in the morning give yourself some extra time to spare as it can be a little confusing and extremely busy. Once you have changed lines and have boarded the next MRT on the North-South Line, you are only 1 stop away. When you get to Orchard station you are underneath the ION shopping mall, follow the signs towards the SHAW Centre. The SHAW Centre is on the other side of the road, which you must take the underpass and consists of plenty of shops to get distracted at so stay focused. When you finally resurface, if you are anything like myself you will be feeling a little overwhelmed as to where you are and what direction you are needing to go. That’s where our trusty photos come in handy.

The Royal Thai Consulate of Singapore is officially located on Orchard Road but for visa matters you will need to go to their second entrance, which is located on Claymore Road.

When you come up from the MRT and you will be in front of the SHAW centre/mall walk down the street away from Orchard Rd towards a Starbucks Cafe hut, but don’t cross the road, this will be your view up the street you will need to walk up to get to Claymore Rd.View up to claymore

Follow this street until the end, when you get to the top of the slight hill you go right, you will see the sign (see below) for Claymore Road on the left, follow Claymore Road for 100m and on your left is the consulate.

untitled shoot-9766
View of consulate

(View of the Royal Thai Consulate)

View of office to get visitor passOnce you reach the consulate if you will need to visit the lovely man at the window, he will take your passport details then give that back and keep your departure card as lets say a refundable deposit for the visitor pass he will give you, when you are given your pass jump in line and wait until the gate opens at 09:15. There are no signs to tell you to do this (if there is they are small and I didn’t notice them) I stood in line for 15minutes then realized that everyone had lanyards around their neck and that maybe I should just check if we need one too [haha]. The office is only open from 0915 – 1130 so get there early, this way you are not wasting your day.

jess waiting in lineWhen it hit 9:15 am – not a minute earlier, they will open the gate and let you through into their lovely air-conditioned office where you press an iPad of some kind it spits out a number and you take a seat. We did all this and got our number, but the lady at the Tourist Visa desk yelled out for anyone waiting so we just jumped up and saw her. This only took 15 mins of waiting and another 5 at the desk going over your paperwork. If all is good, they will take your passport, paperwork and $50.00 SGD, give you a pick up receipt and tell you to come back the next day between 1400 – 1500 [2:00-3:00 pm] with your slip to retrieve your passport fingers crossed with your visa inside.

Now you have done all this go and treat yourself to an Ice Kopi (coffee) and a yummy treat from Toast Box, enjoy the rest of your day and head back tomorrow afternoon to collect your goods.


*Make sure you have $50 Singapore Dollars they will not accept any other forms of payment

*Take your pretty passport cover off before you give it to the lady, they like to be able to see what nationality you are for filing purposes.

*If you get a MRT Tourist pass, don’t leave it too late to get your refund like we did, we missed the office and our refund but we have a cool souvenir now 🙂

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