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Review: AirBnb in Penang

November 22, 2015

As we mentioned in our last review: AirBnb Kuala Lumpur, we are new to the AirBnb world but it is such a fantastic site. When we were recently in Penang, Malaysia we really wanted to be able to stay somewhere where we could relax and swim, but not blow our budget.
After doing a quick search on the AirBnb app, we came across Kaixiang’s place located in Pulau Pinang.

  • Huge pool – tick
  • Good reviews – tick
  • Great price – tick

It had everything we wanted and checked all our boxes so we sent Kai a message to see if a room was available. Everything went smooth from the minute we arrived, Kai met us at the Mac Donalds restaurant that is just outside the Times Square building where the apartment complex is located. He gave us a tour and pretty much left us to do our own thing, which is exactly we wanted as we were slightly concerned that staying in a place with a host would mean that we are obligated to ‘hang out’. His apartment is a three bedroom unit all with locking doors, one has a private ensuite and the other is a shared bathroom and the last room is Kai’s. We took the shared bathroom room and it was great, huge room big cupboard to store your bags and the bathroom was clean with great hot water.untitled-shoot-1258[Wall decal in the shared bathroom room.]
untitled-shoot-1260-Edit[Shared bathroom room]untitled-shoot-1207[Ensuite Room]

If you are ever going to visit Penang and looking for a place to spend a few good relaxing nights here is the place, the pool is just stunning and barely ever has more than two or three people in it at once. The apartment has high-speed Wi-fi included in the price and there is a food court located on floor three of the Times Square building which has lots of yummy food at really great prices, and the location is still very close to George Town. If your lucky and Kai has some spare time he might be able to show you a great street food place that boasts heaps of delicious treats, we loved sharing a meal and getting to know Kai a little more over some tasty street snacks.untitled-shoot-1056[Huge rooftop pool]untitled-shoot-1232-Edit[Kitchen/ entry way]untitled-shoot-1265-Edit[Lounge and kitchen area]Untitled_HDR2[Lounge/ Dining area with a great view]

I wouldn’t have a second thought about booking to stay at Kai’s again, we had a great time and made great friends with Kai as well.

Just have a look at the photos, its amazing, do yourself a favour and book a few nights in paradise!


All real estate images by Drew Hopper
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