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Art in Paradise – Chiang Mai, Thailand

February 18, 2016

Welcome to the wonderful world of Art in Paradise, where from the moment you step through the door you will be drawn into multiple different worlds. You will be tasked with breaking into your imagination to come up with different whacky and exciting ways to pose with these incredible murals to make it as realistic as possible.

Art in Paradise is an art illusion museum, where the art is painted directly onto the walls with such skill it gives the viewer a 3D effect and an overwhelming sense of realism. This is where your imagination comes in, the museum’s artworks are created to allow it’s visitors to become one with the artworks, to take photos and add emotion and movement designed to correspond with each painting according to their own preferences as if they are a part of the painting. Art in Paradise was built with the help from 14 creative artists but the main idea came from Korean national Jang Kyu Suk with a mission to create art where the visitors become components of the pieces they have come to admire.

This was our second time visiting the amazing Art in Paradise; the first was not too long after it opened with our good friends we were traveling with at the time Sara, Jacob and their little girl. We had a blast, spent hours roaming around and taking many amazing and silly pictures. When we arrived back in Chiang Mai this past November to our great surprise we picked up a brochure only to find images of us all in it, which was exciting and sparked our idea of heading back, but this time with Drew’s family in tow.

AIP-5421[Photo by Drew Hopper Photography – Jess surprised to see herself on a sign board]

The Hoppers were joining us for a tropical 2015 Christmas, first stop Chiang Mai. We did all the usual tourist things like visiting the temples, Saturday and Sunday markets, visiting Elephant Nature Park and the swimming at the incredible waterfalls surrounding the area. When we told them we are going to a museum tomorrow, their faces were let’s just say confused and already disappointed. Drew explained it’s like no museum you have ever visited before and probably will ever again and it intrigued them enough into coming with us.

Art in Paradise has over 130 paintings and eight different zones.
We start in Underwater World, where you feel like you have just walked into an aquarium.

AIP-4716[Photo by Drew Hopper Photography – Jess casually being a mermaid] AIP-4720[Photo by Drew Hopper Photography – Vanessa taking a dip]AIP-4801[Photo by Drew Hopper Photography – Dad taking on Mavericks]

Then you have Wildlife Zone, Classic Art Period, Land Before Time, Surrealism Area, Lanna Culture, Ancient Egypt and Thai-land. AIP-4838[Photo by Drew Hopper Photography – Drew giving a Polar Bear a tickle]AIP-4843[Photo by Drew Hopper Photography – Having a drink with a Girraffe]AIP-5512[Photo by Drew Hopper Photography – Mum and Dad flying on a magic carpet]AIP-5127[Photo by Drew Hopper Photography – Jess finding her inner peace in the Lanna Exhibit]

A solid four hours later we were all exhausted, hungry and ready to sit down as we had just been jumping, bending and stretching like we were little kids again, but we were all smiles. Once again Drew and I had a fantastic time and loved revisiting.


If you are in Chiang Mai looking for a fun activity that is bound to give you some great photos from your holiday, head on over to Art in Paradise, you won’t regret it!

Art in Paradise – Chiang Mai
199/9 Changklan Rd. Changklan
Muang Chiangmai Thailand 50200
Opening Hours: 0900 – 2100
Phone: 053-274-100


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