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Bobby Henna – Jodhpur, India

February 18, 2016

Strolling through the narrow blue lane ways, not seeking anything other than the charm that the beautiful blue city of Jodhpur has to offer I began to notice these blue arrows, curious I followed them wondering what I was going to find at the end. After five minutes of following the arrows unbeknown to what I would find, I came to a dead end with a sign “Bobby Henna & Herbal House”.
After being in India for almost two weeks I was ready to have the real mehndi experience, I knocked on the door to have the lovely Bobby answer and kindly invite me into her home for some chai and to chat about her work. Bobby has been doing henna and beauty therapies for over 25 years and showed my some designs in a book but said she had a vision of what she felt she needed to create for me so I gave her total creative freedom. I sipped sweet chai she began the beautiful traditional Rajasthani pattern of desert flowers, peacocks and tree branches across my hands and arms.

Jodhpur-0188[Photo by Drew Hopper Photography – Bobby starting her design whilst Jess sips chai]

Her designs are intricate and the line work is superb, she took her time and you could tell she truly cared about the art she was creating. Once the henna paste was on it and starting to dry it has a strange cooling effect on your skin which would be lovely in the summer time.

Jodhpur-0192 [Photo by Drew Hopper Photography – Peacock design]

Bobby gave me full instructions on how to care for it, to make it come out with the best results and bathed it in lemon juice and sugar before I left to help draw the deep colours out.

Jodhpur-0480 [Photo by Drew Hopper Photography – Applying some lemon and sugar]

I loved my mehndi experience with Bobby and felt so warm and welcome in her home; Thank you Bobby, for the beautiful henna and wonderful experience.

Jodhpur-0202 [Photo by Drew Hopper Photography – Finished product]

If you are in Jodhpur looking to have some henna, waxing, threading or ayurvedic massage, contact Bobby on PH:9828212593 / bobbyheena9723@gmail.com
Or see the Lonely Planet website for a recommendation: Bobby Henna on Lonely Planet
(please note that it says Jaisalmer but she has since moved to Jodhpur)

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